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WILGERMAIN is the brainchild of Francisco Gratacós, an industry expert and a man who is passionate about art, design and perfumery.

To help realize his dream, Francisco enlisted the help of a great friend, world-renowned master perfumer Rodrigo Flores-Roux.
With almost 30 years of professional experience, Mexico native Rodrigo is a multi-award-winning perfumer whose internationally recognized best-selling creations are known for their unmistakable personalities.

Taking inspiration from the modernity and avant-garde atmosphere of New York’s Williamsburg and the classic refinement and savoir-faire of the Parisian left bank, Wilgermain expresses itself via a specific and personal taste for design, precision, and ultimate detail. As such, its packaging was conceived in unison with the tenets that also dictated the blending of the scents. A refined one-of-a-kind Zamak-5 cap, handmade and polished one by one, designed with a shape reminiscent of the bolts and screws that keep together both the Brooklyn Bridge and the Eiffel Tower tops it all, is a true masterpiece of a design.

Modernity, high design, abstraction, and historical references are all encompassed in one mere design created by Luis Blanc, one of the most renowned Spanish brand and product designers.

No matter what genre of fragrance one prefers, you are bound to find one you will fall in love with. Each brief creative Francisco created for Rodrigo covered different moods, cravings, and escapes.

There is a fragrance for everyone in the WILGERMAIN collection, from AQUAFORTIS, a perfume for those who love Mediterranean perfumes based on bergamot, lemon, petitgrain, and the usual suspects, but who want to feel the fragrance on the skin for the whole day and not just a few hours. To a sexy amber-based PASSION VICTIM, with the play on words referring to the concept of "Fashion Victim," Francisco and Rodrigo got the name "Passion Victim," and daring MORE IS MORE, one of the life mottos of the perfumer. For Rodrigo, more is always more, and this perfume is more in every single way. The most exquisite absolutes, extracts, and concretes are all elevated to the maximum expression, resulting in a perfume that is simply more.

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