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Introducing the latest series - PERFUMER SPOTLIGHT, a focus on the artists behind some of your most loved fragrances. A glimpse into their universe, vision, and what inspires them the most.


The first spotlight is on world-renowned perfumer, Rodrigo Flores-Roux, born and raised in Mexico City. From an early age, he collected perfume bottles and was fascinated with his mother’s perfume collection, learning all about the existing classics. He studied biology in Mexico before moving to France at age 20 in 1989 to attend the ISIPCA perfumery school at Versailles. His excellent knowledge of English allowed him to spend less time in class and more hours in the lab, practicing, mixing, and learning, which, as he openly admits, gave him an incredible advantage over his peers. Although he started designing scents for shampoos and cosmetic products, he broke through into fragrance with Clinique Happy, which he worked on together with Jean Claude Delville.

Rodrigo Flores-Roux is currently the only Mexican perfumer who works in the arena of international development, holding the position of Senior Perfumer with Givaudan. He has signed many masterpieces from top brands like Tom Ford, Dolce & Gabbana, Arquiste, and John Varvatos. His work for the House of Bo, founded by another Mexican native, is his latest collaboration with a brand centered around Latino heritage, childhood memories, and love for nature, art and quality craftsmanship. Their stunning perfume caps are hand-sculpted by local Mexican artisans from natural reclaimed travertine marble stone, and is an essential aspect of giving back to the community.

His style is thoroughly original and has everything to do with the high-voltage energy and vitality he brings to his work. His creations have complex personalities, a sensual interplay of nuances, exciting storylines, and his passionate touch. Rodrigo smells love in flowers and happiness citrus. If you ask what he smells of, the answer will most likely be leather, which is a fabric of fashion choice as it reminds Mr. Flores-roux of his native city.

My love for flowers and my native country, Mexico, gives me an infinite source of inspiration.

- Rodrigo Flores-Roux

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