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Baccarat Rouge 540
Christine Reedy

Baccarat Rouge 540

I love it!!

It smells amazing!, the blueberry along with the lemon and the dry down with the vanilla is just great. Smells so sweet like an actual blueberry muffin.

Pear Inc
Pears! :)

It smells basically like what you might expect, but pears are divine so that's a good thing. I liked it a lot better on my skin than on the sample paper and it has decent longevity.

Fave smell of my order, but doesn't last long

This stuff smells so nice. I know that's so subjective, but I just wanted to keep smelling it. It would be an automatic buy a big size if it weren't for the poor longevity. The magical champagney opening lasts for an hour or two and fades to a spicy dry down, which is nice but I wish the opening lasted longer. This is pretty typical with citrus though, which is a bummer for me since I love citrus. The sample is definitely worth trying, it's lasted me several sprays and I still have half the bottle for less than a coffee.

Baccarat Rouge 540
Shavon Willis

This scent smells awesome I love it can’t get enough of it

Bois D'Ambrette
Mustafa Masroor

Excellent and authentic

Hibiscus Mahajad Extrait
Roxann Ferguson
Great scent.

Smells great, long lasting and sweet, I smell it for about 6 hours then it gradually fades. Other’s smell it after 6 hours but my nose becomes. Immune

Great Discovery set

Most of the scents were great. I ended up purchasing Xerjoff Naxos (which has become my favorite in my collection) and Erba Pura. Alexandria II is also pretty good. It reminds me a little of MFK Oud Satin Mood but a less sweeter version.

London Funk
Latoya Willis

Definitely smells like marijuana but once it dries down it smells amazing

Poets of Berlin
Latoya Willis

I Love it!


Lovely, creamy feminine scent.

Mancera Womens Discovery Set

Melshun Churchwell

Best blue fragrance

Xerjoff Discovery Set
Brooke Bradford
Great discovery set

A great way to sample xerjoff’s greatest hits!

Oud Satin Mood Body Oil

not for me!

the delivery & ordering process was easy as always. however i was not a fan of this scent! just not for me. some of the notes in this perfume commonly give me headaches. i can see why people like it! it reminds me of pantene shampoo & conditioner.

Kathi Gray
Amazing scent!

Love it, it settles down into such a deep creamy delicious scent that is so hard to describe. Top notes are for sure a bit confusing, but when it settles, mmmmmm

Hibiscus Mahajad Extrait
Mechelle Purifoy

The the scent unique and you will smell your scent on everyone like 540

Oud For Greatness

Top shelf! One of my favorites now!!

Chocolate Greedy
Kelly Bostic

Chocolate Greedy

Mist fragances were masculine I only liked one and not even enough to buy a full bottle

Love at first smell

Definitely a keeper. I loved everything about this fragrance

Melanie Gonzalez

This is what I wanted Killian’s Love Don’t be Shy to give me… the citrus and sweeter notes in this remind me of fruity pebbles.

Baccarat Rouge 540
Melanie Gonzalez
Worth the hype tbh

I would buy this over Cloud any day. Cloud has this plastic-y note that is off putting for me even though it doesn’t project like that to others, but this gives me a beautifully sweet scent that fades nicely after hours.

Melanie Gonzalez
Newfound love!

I am very much a fruity, sweet, vanilla-y, gourmand girl. I said I HATED Rose-fragranced things, but Delina turned me into a Rose girl. It’s very light and dare I say a beautiful fragrance. If you say you don’t like Rose, this will make you LOVE IT!