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One of the most talked about brands of the past year, House of Bō, is back with a second collection, Tesoro. A more concentrated trio of precious memories and moments from Bernardo Moller’s childhood came alive through the incredible work of three master perfumers.

The fragrances were originally presented in a beautiful sensory pairing, similar to a 3-course meal, with an opening bite of a salty and invigorating El Sireno, followed by a smoky and hearty Infinitoud, and a grand finale for the senses - Rosario, a sweet and luminous rose sorbet.


EL Sireno is a collaboration with world-renowned perfumer Laurent Le Guernec and was conceptualized as a love potion from the depths of the sea. The salty opening of the kelp accord mingling with banana leaves slowly opens up to a lush and tropical heart of magnolia, ylang-ylang, and tuberose trio, as if you suddenly stumbled upon a magical garden hidden under the turquoise sea waters. The fragrance is built on the woodsy base of creamy sandalwood and aromatic oakmoss that completes the structure seamlessly.

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Infinitoud was inspired by ancient Ayurvedic perfumery, made with a meticulous combination of resins, earthy leather notes, and cedar wood; it shows the facets of oud one can only experience when burning the resin. The soft velvety warmth of this precious ingredient truly comes alive in the hands of Master Perfumer Carlos Beniam. The smokiness of the oud was created using a deconstructed vetiver accord and a pinch of the unusual and rarely used peyote accord. The balsamic base is created using gurjun balsam, incense, and oud.

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Rosario is an androgynous and radiant take on a rose created by Olivier Cresp. A luminous and tart opening of pomegranate blended with lemon primofiore creates a sensation of a refreshing sorbet on a hot day and was inspired by Bernardo’s memories of enjoying a local delicacy of pomegranate and chili after a day in school. The heart is dedicated to the soft and sensual blend of roses and white peonies, resting on the base of warm ambergris and flickering embers of incense.

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Each fragrance comes in a higher Parfum concentration and is produced in limited batches, crowned with handmade perfume bottle caps in stones like rose quartz, blue onyx, and black marble, hand-sculpted by artisans in Mexico. One word - stunning.

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