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Modern. Sustainable. Stunning.

House of Bō is a collection of gender-neutral fragrances that harness the deeply evocative power of aroma as an expression of self, allowing us to connect to the intangible through our senses. Inspired by nature and the mystical power of scent, quintessential aromas are created with the highest quality of natural, sustainably sourced ingredients. House of Bō is built on the foundations of transparency, environmental responsibility, fair working conditions, and positive relations with producers and local communities.


Founded by German-Mexican Bernardo Möller and his husband Giancarlos Möller, a 38-year-old perfume enthusiast resides in the heart of Latin America’s haven, Miami. Born to an Italian-American mother and a German-Mexican father, Bernardo’s multicultural upbringing in Mexico was filled with memories centered around scents. From the woody scent of Roble Trees in the Mexican forest that surrounded his home to the tanning oil his mother would wear while vacationing in Sayulita by the Pacific Ocean, scents were as essential to his story as the supporting characters were to his life.

An avid explorer and connoisseur of fragrances, Bernardo began collecting perfumes at the age of 13, and today his personal fragrance archive includes over 500 scents that tell his most intimate stories of love, heartbreak, and adventure and have an entire room dedicated to the collection.

Inspired by his father’s spiritual teachings of living an authentic and purpose-driven life and his love for architecture and design, he created a sublime line of fragrances with renowned master perfumers to inspire the world.


The first collaboration of the brand is with world-renowned perfumer Rodrigo Flores-Roux.

Having attended the ISIPCA perfumery school at Versailles in 1989 and over 30 years of experience in the industry, Rodrigo has acquired a profound and one-of-a-kind knowledge of his craft. His style is thoroughly original due to the high-voltage energy and vitality he brings to his work. Rodrigo Flores-Roux is currently the only Mexican perfumer who works in the international development arena, holding the Senior Perfumer position with Givaudan. He has signed many masterpieces from top brands like Tom Ford, Dolce & Gabbana, Arquiste, and John Varvatos. His creations have complex personalities, a sensual interplay of nuances, compelling storylines, and his passionate touch.

My love for flowers and my native country, Mexico, gives me an infinite source of inspiration.”

My love for flowers and my native country, Mexico, gives me an infinite source of inspiration.”


Each bottle is crowned with the most stunning cap hand-sculpted by local Mexican artisans from natural reclaimed travertine marble stone. These one-of-a-kind pieces can also be used as paperweights or incense holders.

The team works directly with a collaborative network of local smallholder farmers, intermediate suppliers, and partners. These personal relationships help ensure the reliable supply of raw materials and strengthen the local economy.

Bō is the phonetic sound for Beau


English word: *beau (SIGNIFICANT OTHER)

borrowed from French: *beau (BEAUTIFUL)

comes from Latin: *bellus (PLEASANT)

and later Proto-Italic: *dwenos (GOOD)

Olya Bar |  Social & Content Manager