Siren & Sailors

Camden Town is one of the most interesting and eclectic boroughs in London and has become famous for its atmosphere; a place of individuality which eschews judgement of others. The 1960s marked one of the biggest shifts in Camden Town’s history when it became a place of cultural and musical revolution.

Camden Town is the environment in which a very talented young female artist lived and began her career: Amy Winehouse. Her brassy, sweet-and-sour voice, together with her eclectic mix of soul, rhythm & blues and jazz, enchanted everybody; much in the way a siren enchants sailors. She brought soaring melodies, strident rhythms and lyrics soaked in passion back to popular music. You cannot think of Camden Town without thinking of Amy: she embodied its energy, sound, colours and contradictions.

For Siren & Sailors by Jusbox, Julien Rasquinet plays a mesmerising song of warm, feminine and sensual notes, with osmanthus, rose essential LMR, rum absolute, whisky accord, patchouli oil MD LMR, vanilla and musk.
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