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Silky Woods


Amber & Luxurious
A more subtle, luxe and modern interpretation of agarwood. One that is delightful to wear on any occasion and offers a sensation of distinctive woody fragrance on silky smooth skin. Silky Woods is delicate yet sensual and to enhance its oriental sillage of agarwood, suede, exotic vanilla and smokey tobacco leaves, Goldfield & Banks adds to the perfume, saffron, incense, ylang-ylang and Australian Sandalwood.

Australian agarwood (Worldwide Exclusive), tobacco, Spanish saffron, ylang-ylang, vanilla, Australian sandalwood

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Smells exactly like the name. This is unisex in my opinion. Sweeter than I imagined it would be, but pleasantly surprised.
Had a sample and ordered a full bottle after first sniff. What I noticed is that the sample smelled better than the full size. That's when I discovered the fragrance needs to macerate for a few days to reach full potential. Now it's great, 10/10.

Stunning Fragrance

Silky Woods is easy and without exaggeration one of the 10 best perfumes I've tried and I'm lucky to have in my collection. Ever since I first tried it until today, it always has that synaptic, pleasurable effect on my head. If I had to simplify the scent into an example, it would be that I smell like fresh-from-the-factory "Starburst" chews, with a simply addictive, edible sweetness.

Breaking down the aroma further, we find a vanilla perfume, with a very elegant suede and a creamy sandalwood that, without being lactonic or anything, gives a unique velvety sensation. Other things are felt, mainly some spices and flowers that I can't identify, but the conjunction of everything is magnificent and I love it. It does not evolve much, only that in the end a somewhat sweeter woody nuance comes out, I think it is the oud, but this perfume is not at all difficult to understand or enjoy.

For cold and temperate climates, occasions of all kinds, but above all very warm and captivating, with excellent performance, I love this perfume and I think Goldfield & Banks knocked it out of the ballpark with this aroma. Its only but is its high value, but honestly I think it's worth it, although I definitely invite you to try it.