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What is guiltless happiness, and how do we all achieve it? In this final edit we made sure to pick you some delicious zero-calorie indulgences while we keep you cozy and tuck you into a clean and comforting bed; you’ll be sure to be sent off into the night with a healthy 8 hour sleep. We promise the sweets we have prepared for you will be delicious, the scent of coffee will be just as good as your day’s last espresso, and the sheets will smell of clean, fresh laundry.


Let's take a quick sensory trip to the coast of Italy and indulge in the traditional mouthwatering almond cake with a glass of milk on the side, all with a spritz of Italica by Casamorati. Warm and full-bodied, Italica opens to creamy top notes of almond and milk, warmed by hints of spicy saffron and leading to a sweet heart of bourbon, vanilla, and irresistible toffee. Notes of deep sandalwood and white musk provide a classic base.


After a delicious dessert arrives a perfect cup of espresso, rich and aromatic, the scent of roasted coffee beans feels invigorating and comforting at once. Ristretto Intense Cafe by Montale opens with a perfect waft of fresh brewing coffee that will take your breath away. It is the ideal flourish of coffee beans paired with a fresh, vegetal rose. The stronger, the better.


To calm your senses and prepare you for a beautiful, peaceful night, we chose Not a Perfume by Juliette Has a Gun, a scent of fresh laundry, perfect white sheets to hug you softly and make you drift into a land of dreams. Wellness is rooted in self-care and self-love, and fragrances give us solace, comfort, and escape amid the chaos.


So spritz on fragrance lovers and stay happily fragrant until the next series!