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Suppose you are stressed, anxious, or angry. You often find yourself feeling a sense of relief in the proximity of a body of water such as the ocean, the lake, or even a calming sound of water many of the meditation apps offer these days. Water is mighty powerful in its ability to cleanse and recharge us both inside and out. Between helping flush out the toxins from our organs to cleansing out the negativity from our minds, water has an enormous effect on our wellbeing.

We often can experience the emotional benefits of water through a particular set of fragrances such as aquatics. Some of the notes used in such categories are marine-derived musk, synthetic notes that mimic the ocean breeze, sea salt, and even algae accords.

Take a dip with a beautiful Aqua Celestia Cologne Forte edition. "Freshness is to perfume what water is to life on earth: essential" - Francis Kurkdjian. It's a perfect blend of bergamot and jasmine with a touch of sea breeze and fruity musk.

The crashing wave of Aqua Wood is an ode to the rush of adventure, a fierce adrenaline rush of juicy lime and pear, followed by a touch of warm patchouli and musk. In every note, you feel the fresh wilderness of the ocean and the radiance of the sun. It is easy to love, impossible to forget.

Last but not least is Cyan Nori, a modern scent with a meaningful agenda. Plant-derived musk challenges the industry norm of using non-biodegradable synthetic musks – that end up in our oceans. Nori is an ocean-sourced ingredient with a salty animalic profile and a host of therapeutic benefits, pushing the boundary of beauty and wellness.

We encourage you to take time for yourself and escape from the intense rhythm of big cities as often as possible, be it physical or through your favorite perfume. Olfactory escapism is a tool we could all use at one point or another.

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