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There is something incredibly uplifting about walking in the room filled with a bright, zesty scent of citrus; be it a lemon, a mandarine, or delicious orange, the smell instantly puts us in a happy mood. Did you ever notice or wonder why that is?

The answer is simple; it's a physiological response of your body to citrus odor molecules that triggers a behavioral response. The result is a state of mood, or as many would see it as - a level of happiness at that particular time. Indeed, the application of aromatic compounds to relieve stress and pain or elevate mood is a common procedure in alternative medicine throughout different cultures worldwide. We also associate the scent of citrus, thanks to over 30 years of advertising on tv, with the word - clean.

We picked some fun citrus-based fragrances for you to discover; each highlights a different take on citrus and the overall mood. Whether you are into lemons, limes, mandarines, or soft and delicate neroli, we invite you to dive in and explore a variety of fragrances we curate.

Aqua Universalis Cologne Forte - a scent of high-end shower gel, soapy and clean; it's bright and highly refreshing. A whiff of morning sunshine with bergamot and orange and the clean scent of musk as white linens softly wrap your skin.

Lemon Line by Mancera, a perfect balance of citrus, lavender and oak moss. Opening of lemon, with a touch of orange. Followed by light floral accord, lavender adds a soft clean-like aroma. White musk joins oakmoss to finish off the scent with a citrusy clean vibe, invigorating and refreshing, it's a versatile and pleasant fragrance for both men and women.

Source One by Hermetica is a luminous scent of bergamot blended with Dry Amber and Fresh Wood Molecules molecules. It acts as a base and an enhancer to bring a modern, clean warmth and verticality to your skin. A sparkling fresh elixir that is moisturizing for the skin and completely alcohol-free.

Spray on and enjoy a beautiful summer season!

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