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If we had to name the most eccentric fragrance brand currently roaming the market, without any hesitation, we would say - Nasomatto. “Nasomatto” translates from Italian as ‘crazy nose’, and is led by a notorious provocateur, Alessandro Gualtieri, the Puglia-born butcher’s son and an industry-trained perfumer with decades of experience.

As Gualtieri was designing fragrances for world-renowned brands like Versace, Fendi, and Helmut Lang, among the few, and building a successful career collaborating with various artists, he felt rejected more and more for his radical concepts. The only solution to unleashing his creative vision was to break free and build his own brand. Over the years, Gualtieri was obsessed with traveling and favored a composition style markedly different from Europe’s. While traveling to Oman, India, and Saudi Arabia, he observed a very different approach to fragrance making, learning and absorbing as much as possible about the countries’ ancient perfume-making techniques, which years later, as an independent agent, allowed him to pour all his experiences and knowledge into creating incredibly unique fragrances under his brand, which is now known to the world as Nasomatto.

Undoubtedly a visionary in the field of art, Gualtieri avoids media attention like the plague while designing scents so loud they create a powerful force field around their wearer and cannot go unnoticed. Nasomatto fragrances are produced by hand in small batches at the in-house laboratory, aiming to evoke the most profound feelings and desires with each new creation, idea, and visual representation.

Olya Bar |  Social & Content Manager