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Born into a textile family in northern France, Marc-Antoine Barrois has sought the art of simple luxury without ostentation but assuredly with finesse. After working closely with Jean-Paul Gaultier at Hermès and Giambattista Valli, he felt a real need for unique, creative, and elegant pieces for men in Haute Couture. Since 2009, Marc-Antoine Barrois has been offering a highly contemporary service, offering men what women already had the pleasure of wearing for years in Haute Couture. Six years later, a chance encounter pathed the way for a new form of artistic expression for Marc-Antoine. Two young creators, one is a perfumer, the other a fashion designer. Quentin Bisch and Marc-Antoine Barrois met in 2015 and immediately created an extraordinary creative partnership. Childhood memories, shared values, love for beautiful materials, and respect for certain sobriety have brought them together around the challenge of defining and redefining new and timeless elegance.

The result of this creative fusion? Three beautiful fragrances. Let's dive deeper and explore the inspiration for each.


The asteroid of the Little Prince inspires the name by Saint Exupery and by the birth date of the couturier who made it his imaginary planet. It is a fragrance that blends leather and spice in a subtle, powerful, and distinguished refinement. B683 is an invitation to explore…to travel on his planet where unique bespoke pieces, collections, jewels, and accessories meet a genius symbiosis of poetry and dream with arts and crafts. Subtly combines refined woody essences, sensual spicy notes of pepper and chili, and the heady smell of leather infused with the oakmoss and ambroxan accords. There is an oud and apple amplified Extrait version of this beauty with a liquorish top note to spice things up.


The duo has stayed the same for this opus and the creative osmosis between Marc-Antoine Barrois and Quentin Bisch, but the destination is elsewhere. Creating an elegant and unexpected harmony around a quartet of mandarin, violet, immortelle, and suede, the two fellow artists dreamt of this new planet: Ganymede, the rocky satellite of Jupiter discovered in 1610 by Galileo. With a fresh and mineral composition, this planet's terrain is luminous and covered with salt-water oceans. It acquired its name from Greek mythology: a young man, Ganymede, was kidnapped by gods whose beauty had so enthralled him that he was offered immortality.


Fresh jungle on the side of a volcano, Encelade is a powerful and captivating perfume. Shadow-light relationship within a fragrance which plays its paradoxes with delight. The central accord of rhubarb, cedar, and vetiver expresses the smell of Earth, sap, and lush nature. Green and woody notes mingle with the crash of smoked and animal leather. Milky sandalwood and tonka bean add sensuality and addiction to the skin. Pure seduction of perfume conveys a wild magnetism.

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