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A true scented journey begins with an Australian sunrise's natural and elemental beauty – fresh, crisp, and pure with aromatic and invigorating overtones. Goldfield & Banks pays homage to Australia's first botanist and naturalist, Joseph Banks. A curious explorer and prodigious collector whose collection of Australian plants and wildlife was the first to reveal the vast botanical richness of the continent to the European world.

Likewise, Goldfield & Banks gathered the finest ingredients from across the globe and brought them together with pure, natural essences drawn from the diverse and unique seeds, wood, flowers, lichen, resins, leaves, and fruits of the Australian terrain.

For the selection of Australian native ingredients, only experienced and dedicated growers and suppliers of botanicals have the privilege to work with Goldfield & Banks and supply the high-grade oils often unknown in the perfume industry today.

The sustainable quality of these Australian ingredients represents an innovative and contemporary approach to harvesting high-grade Australian oils resulting in a modern yet timeless collection of precious moments of raw Australian nature bottled up to be savored across the world.

White Sandalwood is a sophisticated scent that is both exotic and richly enveloping. White Sandalwood and amber provide a comforting base, while saffron, pepper, and thyme cast an exotic dry heat, tempered by a heart of sweet, powdery Turkish rose. Delightful, soothing, and elegant.

Desert Rosewood presents a rich, amber, woody fragrance that evokes thick, arid deep forests. A heady rush of resinous Australian Desert Rosewood reveals a sweetness of mandarin and vanilla before finally settling into an exotic blend of wood and spices with a whiff of soft leather.

Encased in molten gold and infused with precious Agarwood, Silky Woods is the aptly named debut fragrance in a new luxury collection called the Botanical Series. Goldfield & Banks has added refined essences of saffron, incense, ylang-ylang, and native Sandalwood to an opulent sillage of suede, exotic vanilla, and smoky tobacco leaves. It will surely keep you warm in the chilly season of winter.

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