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Fragrance Du Bois is a purveyor of scented luxury, drawing inspiration from the busy capitals of the world, the beautiful nature itself, and the highest quality ingredients from around the globe, the brand has firmly positioned itself as one of the most exquisite brands in the fragrance world. Headquartered in Paris, France, a niche fragrance house celebrates Oud in most of its fragrances and highlights its most unique and beautiful facets in each of its creations.

Working closely with organic Oud oil producers in Asia, Fragrance Du Bois ethically sources the finest raw materials and creates sustainable products that give back to rural communities, fighting poverty and inequality. Through value-added manufacturing, which helps to revitalize local economies, the company is building a much-needed change. The brand promotes sustainable forestry to prevent the ruthless exploitation of rainforest areas by using only sustainably sourced and certified ingredients, raising awareness on the plight of Aquilaria trees (the source of Oud) in the wild, as well as the importance of CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species, an inter-government agreement) in protecting rare and endangered species.

Each fragrance tells a unique story through the craftsmanship and the ingredients inside the bottle, touching the most profound emotions and memories and leaving an olfactory imprint on the soul.

One of the most talked-about fragrances from the line has been Minuit et Demi. A fragrance created in collaboration with Demi Rawling, a Youtuber with an enormous passion for perfumes. It is a perfect gourmand, one that envelops you in a sweet and sensual embrace, a fragrance both mysterious and comforting. Minuit et Demi translates from French to Half-past Midnight, the bewitching hour...The scent of utter pleasure, Minuit et Demi, will compel all of your senses, an intimate and sensual fragrance created to intoxicate the room. The fragrance opens with a subtle oriental spice note of cardamom and pimento to spark your curiosity, followed by an addictive heart of coffee and caramel, which draws your senses ever further into the scent. The sweet resinous touch of tobacco and bourbon in the base envelop your senses from start to finish. "The ultimate scent of pleasure for men and women, created to share."

Our next fragrance to highlight was far from an easy one to craft, a composition inspired by the name of one of the most diverse, evolving, and breathtaking cities in the world. New York is an unforgettable place, with inspiration around every little street. With two different beautiful images in the perfumer's mind, the glorious summer in New York, and the fancy winter, which means spending Christmas time in the best place globally. This sweet woody perfume is dedicated to the winter in NYC and the beauty of glamorous Fifth Avenue. It's woody, warm, and spicy. New York 5th Avenue opens up with a note of bergamot and rose and introduces a sweet and spicy heart of florals, topped with melted caramel, violet, and cypriol. The long-lasting base note is composed of vanilla, musk, kashmir wood, and guaiac wood, making the balance of sweet, warm notes.

From the chilly festive winter in NYC, we would like to whisk you away to end this journey soaking in a beautiful olfactory sunset on the beach with a spritz of Oud Orange Intense, the sensual composition of complex, warm musky notes. It's comforting, indulgent, and energetic, reminiscent of basking on a beach in the warm sunshine. The fragrance immediately assails the senses with a coconut fruity mélange opening. At the same time, the purity of vanilla bourbon in the heart beautifully combines with the intensity of musk and Oud, in a warm, long-lasting base to this sweet fruity perfume.

Olya Bar |  Social & Content Manager