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Essential Parfums: Crafting Affordable Haute Perfumery
With over a quarter-century of experience in the fragrance industry, Geraldine Archambault embarked on a daring journey when she founded Essential Parfums. Driven by a spirit of rebellion and a mission to rekindle the true essence of haute perfumery, she set out to break the conventional norms: grant perfumers the freedom to create without any constraints or boundaries, keep the brand sustainable and, most importantly - affordable while keeping the quality at the highest standard.
As a result, Essential Parfums collaborated with some of the most distinguished master and senior perfumers from around the globe, meticulously sourcing the finest sustainable ingredients whenever possible and curating them into olfactory masterpieces. Among the perfumers behind the brand are Quentin Bisch, Nathalie Lorson, Calice Becker and so many more stars of the fragrance world. The outcome? A haven where you can indulge in exquisitely luxurious fragrances at an accessible price point, all wrapped in environmentally conscious packaging.
In a world that often leans toward complexity, Essential Parfums embraces simplicity and prioritizes a select handful of natural ingredients. A rebellious spirit of true craftsmanship at an affordable price point is what you get with every spritz.

Divine Vanille

Osmanthus, Tonka Beans, Vanilla Beans


The Musc

Beeswax, Musc, Sandalwood


Bois Imperial

Timut Pepper, Patchouli, Akigalawood


Orange Santal

Orange, Basil, Sandalwood


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