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The essence of Italian luxury has arrived. Since 1983, Maestro Paolo Vranjes has been composing his olfactory symphonies, creating more than 2,200 exquisite notes in his repertoire. Drawing inspiration from the city, which has been at the center of the oldest traditions in the art of producing essences and perfumes, Florence played a fundamental role in the company's creative process, serving as the inspiration for the iconic glass bottle, which was created in 2008 and cast by Florentine artisans, the silhouette is reminiscent of the octagonal base of Brunelleschi's Dome.

We are thrilled to add Dr. Vranjes Firenze collection to our virtual shelves, which includes various exclusive fragrances and offers the perfect olfactory experience for any space, depending on the room's dimensions, size, and light.

From the Rosso Nobile blend, inspired by the red wine from the slopes of Tuscany, to the most glorious take on an Oud, Dr. Vranjes fragrances come in the form of diffusers and home sprays, creating the most unforgettable olfactory journeys and setting a new standard for the art of gifting.

Rosso Nobile is one of the most unique fragrances in the world. It is the true essence of Tuscany. Let the senses indulge in the aroma of a fine Tuscan red wine made from sublime accords of orange blossom, strawberry, wild berries, oak and birch woods.

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The Milano fragrance, enclosed in the elegant Dr. Vranjes Firenze diffuser, has a personality as sophisticated as the city. Notes of orange blossom and cypress, sandalwood and patchouli capture the energetic, always on-the-go vibes for which Milan is famous.

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With its singular and precious character, Oud Nobile is a fragrance that conquers little by little. The oud, skilfully combined with notes of neroli and bergamot, incense and myrrh, amber, and sandalwood, seduces your senses and thrills them. Experience the allure and rarity of "liquid gold" in an unparalleled olfactory blend.

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