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Gold and the quest for eternity mingle in Atelier Des Ors creations with rare essences in a gilded caress. Gold represents sunlight, energy, and radiance. It is essential and immortal, an endless quest for perfection and constant fascination. Its spiritual and symbolic dimension remains a vital part of fragrances.

Perfume and gold have long fascinated ancient dynasties. The meaning of perfume – per fumum – is "through the smoke." Burning incense was first used to communicate with divinities through the rising smoke. Gold has been the symbol of God in many civilizations and symbolizes the pursuit of perfection and the quest for the absolute.

With sustainability being at the forefront of the beauty industry, it is clear that it's at the core of the brand and not just a marketing tactic. Each fragrance in the Atelier Des Ors collection harnesses the beauty of natural materials sourced from around the globe, utilizing the materials from the #NATURALSTOGETHERTM initiative by Firmenich that ensures the quality of its ingredients by partnering with some of the best naturals producers in the world to provide a traceable, ethical and sustainable value chain, to ensure there is a long term partnership with communities.

With a heavy focus on ethical practices in the development of their perfumes, even the 24k gold stardust is ethically sourced from Aurum, which is working to ban the use of mercury in gold production and has committed to the UN initiative to make the use of mercury a relic of the past.

Savor the true essence of French Haute Parfumerie and enjoy a luminous glow of the gold dust with every spritz.

Pink Me Up

Bergamot, Orange Flowers, Champagne


Noir By Night

Coriander, Incense, Caviar


Lune Féline

Cinnamon, Cardamon, Pink Pepper


Riviera Drive

Lemon, Marjoram, Rosemary


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