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When we think of a perfect lounge, a few fragrances immediately come to mind. We picked some of the best destinations across the world for a great cocktail, a cozy setting and the fragrances to embody the mood.

Original Santal
Cigar Lounge & Terrace, The Wellesley, London

If you are in London, head to the Cigar Lounge and Terrace at The Wellesley and spritz some of the Original Santal by Creed.

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Remarkable People
Raines Law Room, New York City

For a speakeasy meets Mad Men vibe in the heart of New York City, make sure to check out Raines Law Room, where you get a private champagne buzzer, paired with Etat Libre d’Orange Remarkable People.

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The Barbershop, Las Vegas

For a rockstar and grunge Vegas night out with your friends, head out to the Barbershop and spray some of the D.S & Durga Bowmakers.

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Opus XIV Royal Tobacco
Library Bar, Dubai

For an evening of jazz and classic cocktails in Dubai check out the Library Bar at The Ritz Carlton while wearing Amouage Opus XIV Royal Tobacco.

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