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Alright, fragrance lovers, listen up! We're diving into the tantalizing realm of fragrance storage – the secret behind making those enchanting scents last longer. Just like a fine wine needs its cellar, your perfumes demand VIP treatment to keep their mojo intact. Brace yourselves as we spill the tea on how to store your fragrances so that every penny spent on them is worth it!

    1.  Cool It, Honey! No Drama, Just Chill:
    You wouldn't leave your BFF under the blazing sun, would you? Your perfumes deserve the same respect. Keep them away from that hot mess of sunlight and heat sources. A cool, dark abode is their sanctuary to avoid any premature breakdowns.

    2.   Location, Location:
    • Forget the bathroom – it's a war zone for your perfumes. Instead, opt for a swanky spot like a closet or a drawer. Trust us, that humidity from your showers will mess with their groove.

    3. Stand Up Straight, You're at a Party!
    • Imagine a party where everyone's lying down – weird, right? Same goes for perfume bottles. Stand them tall and proud to avoid any awkward leaks or evaporation situations.

    4. Packaging: Not Just for Show:
    • We get it, you want to flaunt your collection, but don't skip the original packaging. Those boxes are like VIP bouncers, shielding your precious fragrances from light and temperature tantrums.

5. Thou Shalt Not Mess with Temps:
Don't play mind games with your fragrances by exposing them to temperature rollercoasters. Going from hot to cold? Not on their guest list.
6. Lock It Down, Pal!
After the perfume party's over, secure those caps or stoppers like your sacred secrets. Tight closure equals less air exposure, which means less drama for your fragrance chemistry.
7. Airheads Not Allowed:
Air is the frenemy of fragrances – it's time you knew. Use perfume atomizers for daily flings; they're like Cupid's arrows for your scent, without exposing the entire bottle to air's messy affairs.
8. Spin the Bottle – Perfume Edition:
Got a perfume posse? Give each one its moment in the spotlight. Rotate them to avoid a "left-on-the-shelf" meltdown while keeping their allure alive.

Olya Bar | Digital Strategy & Communications