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Feeling generous? Take a gander at our curation of the most exquisite perfumes. Whether you’ve been saving all year to treat yourself or need the perfect luxury gift for a deserving loved one or friend, this guide to splurge-worthy gifts will help you decide what to snag.


The pure expression of Oud, as royal and lavish as the nature of Ulya, it's practically liquid gold.

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House of Creed

The gold standard in fragrance, is worn by both men and women who appreciate its salty-sweet mix of sun-kissed citrus and rich musk.

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Roja Parfums

Connecting us to our primal energies, the animalic effects of leather, ambergris and musk lay in the shadows, bringing their sensual impulse to this highly-addictive fragrance.

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Marc-Antoine Barrois

A dive into the most sensual character of the original B683 eau de parfum with a warmer more textured heart and addition of precious oud.

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A fragrance which intriguingly evokes mystery with notes of delectable chocolate beside a warm aura of extravagant woodiness.

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Parfums de Marly

Agarwood emerges in this veil of contrasts and imprints the skin with luminous refinement for enduring comfort. A privilege that is all about sensation.

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