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Holiday Gift Guide Festive Scents

‘Tis the season of festivities, glamor and gifting. Here is the list of all things that are giving us some major festive vibes and will help you celebrate in style.


A one-of-a-kind way to discover the world of Amouage and all its ethereal offerings; created with the highest quality raw ingredients and masterful craftsmanship in the heart of Oman.

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Maison Crivelli

A colorful haze of ruby rose, tart pomegranate drops, and vanilla orchid with a touch of leather is guaranteed to put you in a glamorous mood.

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Fragrant festivities come in all shapes and forms, create a holiday mood by gifting this one to yourself and transport to the richness of the Mediterranean forest with a flick of a match.

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A perfect way to experience Thameen's most renowned luxury fragrances to date, from a decadent leather to a lush floral bouquet inspired by British monarchy.

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Olya Bar |  Social & Content Manager