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Let's get lit, but responsibly! We're all bewitched by the sultry glow and seductive scents of candles. But if we want them to burn brighter and scent longer, we've got to treat them right. So trim that wick, keep it out of drafts, and let's make that flame's performance as iconic as its fragrance. Because the best relationships, even with candles, need a little TLC. 🔥💋🕯️

    Trim that Wick like you Trim the Drama:
    Just like those dead-end friends, cut that wick down to size! About 1/4 inch is your sweet spot. You’ll get less smoke, less soot, and a more fabulous flame

    First Burn is Like Your Debut at the Met Gala:
    The first impression counts. Let that candle wax pool spread out till the edge. Avoid the candle’s worst enemy - tunneling.

    No Drafts, Darling!
    Keep it away from drafts to maintain that sleek, even burn.

    Don’t Burn Out (like last weekend’s date):
    Short, passionate affairs are your go-to. Light that candle for 2-3 hours max, then give it a break.

    Lids: More than Just a Fashion Statement:
    Got a lid? Use it, babe! It keeps the nasties out and the fragrance in.

    Blowouts are for Hair, Not Candles:
    Enter: snuffers. Use them. Why? They’re the VIP way of saying, "Party’s over!"

    Keep it Cool (and not just your attitude):
    Stash your candles somewhere cool and out of direct sunlight.

    Know When to Walk Away:
    Just like that ‘almost’ boyfriend, know when to let go. If there’s only 1/2 inch of wax left, it’s time darling.

    Recycle, But Make It Fashion:
    That gorgeous, empty container? Turn it into the chicest holder for your makeup brushes, succulents, or secret stash of candy.

    Quality is Queen:
    You wouldn’t buy knock-off heels, so why skimp on your candles? Quality wax and fragrances are the Louboutins of the candle world.

Olya Bar | Digital Strategy & Communications