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A brand that represents a new era of luxury just arrived. For over twenty years, Thomas De Monaco has worked as a creative director and photographer between Paris and Zurich, for international clients in the premium and luxury industries – Hermès, Dior, YSL, Armani, Moët & Chandon, in 2020 the time has come to launch his brand, using the most exquisite raw materials and contemporary molecules. Thomas D Monaco perfume house was born.

All fragrances are created for the here and now, celebrating the moment, and produced in his manufacture in an ancient building constructed by Gustave Eiffel. A heritage full of artistic independence, poetic, emotional, and authentic – intended for sustainable and timeless luxury.

I approach fragrance creation like a photographer; I don't pay that much attention to the raw materials; instead, I follow an image that the scent should convey, creating an intense and long-lasting basic mood. Layer by layer, I put one layer on top of the other until the whole picture is right - the fragrance is complete.

- Thomas De Monaco,