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The journey of this perfume house began 4 generations ago in the heart of Spain, the result is one of the most astonishing niche perfume houses as of today - Ramón Monegal. During Ramón’s childhood, growing up in the perfume family, Scent came before language, and stories would become smells. As Mr. Monegal suggests himself, anyone who would like to get acquainted with his brand should begin their journey with the Spanish Collection.

Spanish Collection is an olfactory return to the roots of the Monegal family; an encapsulated expression of values and memories through different perfumes, each is a chapter to a story. To transport yourself to the blazing heart of Spain, begin with Flamenco, the best-selling perfume from the collection, telling the story of love and desire, and make your way down to Bravo and Olé.

Flamenco, distinguished by its wild gestures, ferocious foot-stamping, profound laments, and guitar flourishes. Flamenco is Monegal’s olfactory manifesto to the Andalusian character tattooed with fire on the soul of Spain. Intoxicating emotion expressed in song, guitar, and dancing which, under the spell of the Alhambra, transcends in perfume: salty tears, like the southern dew, a fan of orange flower petals, rose and jasmine, interwoven with sandalwood and cedarwood with a base of voluptuous nectar of saffron stamens, amber, and musk. Flamenco is a profound and passionate art… it’s a unique state of mind. It’s the forbidden hypnotic fruit!

The next stop on the olfactory train is Bravo, an ode to virtuosity, courage, and power. It’s the powerful magic created by burning the wood of agar, cedar, and fir. A chord enriched with rose petals and seasoned with white jasmine flowers, like a classic hookah, with the combined flavor of cassis, strawberry, and apricot. There is a trace of Spanish leather at the heart of the perfume, tanned with clove, cinnamon, and artemisia so that it settles in the skin to give a pleasurable experience of the nobility of amber, the firmness of oakmoss, and the sensuality of musk.

Last but not least is Olé, Ramón’s favorite exclamation! A fusion between folklore and Spanish art. The great journey of affirmation that arises from the capacity for wonder and admiration that Art provokes! Instant euphoria of juicy pineapple mingling with sweet dates, a moment of maximum fulfillment, inhaling intoxicating aroma of jasmine and black orchid ... powerful emotional state resting on the bed of vanilla and musk! And Olé to life!


To convey an olfactory story and have someone decipher it by wearing it is truly a proud moment for Ramón and he holds it very dear to his heart when someone falls in love with his creations. So what are you waiting for? Get your olfactory ticket to the heart of Spain with Ramón Monegal.


Olya Bar |  Social Content Manager