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No Maybes, It’s a Musk


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Sample Set

No Maybes, It’s a Musk

Product Type: Sample Set
Brand: Twisted Lily
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An infinitely adaptable ingredient in the kitchen of perfumery, musk is that indeterminate essence that stabilizes and enriches any scent. Originally culled from the musk sacks of a now endangered species of deer, musk was one of the most precious raw materials in perfumery. Now more humanely cultivated, musk remains the most commonly used raw material in fragrance. It’s scent is complex, contradictory and prone to vivid fluctuation; described as sweet, creamy, powdery, rich, leathery, spicy and even woodsy, the most commonly agreed upon aspect of musk is its animalism, sensuality and warmth. In the dimming twilight of summer and the fiery dawn of fall, in the face of an onslaught of alternately delightful and dreadful family gatherings, put some musk on your proverbial bones: it’s simple, undeniable charm protects and enhances in equal measure. An adaptable, multifaceted note, musk will keep you glowing, even in the encroaching darkness. Read our No Maybes, It’s a Musk post here.

‘A silken substance; when smoothed on skin, it yields unheralded magic; beneath it’s velvet slick our muscles shone, our skin gleamed with youth. Our blood beat, ecstatically. As if infused with gold, we departed the apothecary, reborn. This magic sheen, I am sure, was the invisible armor that ensured our journey’s success.’ Mnsr. Huelim

10 x .7ml Samples

Includes 0.7ml Samples of:

D.S. & Durga Freetrapper
L’Artisan Parfumeur Dzing
Lorenzo Villoresi Teint de Neige
Oriza L. Legrand Marions-Nous
Nishane Rosa Turca
Etat Libre d’Orange Vierges et Toreros
Peccato Originale Cantaride
Brooklyn Perfume Company Musk
Malbrum Tigre de Bengale
Orto Parisi Bergamask

Please note if any of the fragrances listed in this set are unavailable, we will substitute  with a similar fragrance.

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Product SIZE: 10 x 0.7ml Samples

Out of stock

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Dzing, L’Artisan Parfumeur
A soft, golden fleece that’s feather light, but definitively irresistible. Toffee’s sweetness highlights the spicy warmth of wood and musks’ natural heat. A delicious trip to a carnival of animalic delights. Indulge your inner freak and Dzing yourself.

Marions-Nous, Oriza L. Legrand
As buoyant and joyous as the 1927 novel-cum-play that inspired this scent, (Gai! Marion-nous!, which translates as ‘Great! Let’s Get Married’), epitomizes a clean and clear floral musk, devoid of any contentious animalistic sensuality. An innocent union of musk and bloom, Marions-Nous is nonetheless comforting and rich. Birds do it, bees do it, even educated fleas do it; just do it, just fall in love with this adorable scent.

Freetrapper, D.S. & Durga
Totally androgynous, this intrepid musk blazes a trail through traditionally masculine territory and enters the underexplored domain of balanced, citric, but unmistakably animalic musks. A profound castoreum is rich and heady, but the bite of snake root and bitter orange coupled with the illuminating juice of bergamot and osmanthus’ gentle, fruity petals makes for a tamed though tantalizing prowl. Like the silken fur collar on your grandfather’s coat, Freetrapper is a dandified touch of timeless elegance. A neck nuzzler, for sure.

Teint de Neige, Lorenzo Villoresi
Diving into the heady territory of big florals can be a daunting task, but in Lorenzo Villoresi’s capable hands, jasmine, rose and ylang-ylang gleam, without blinding mega-wattage, through a thickly woven scrim of almondy heliotrope and musk. A powdery creature, this scent is assuredly the texture and ‘color of snow’, though it warms our hearts like waking up to a white christmas. A romantic classic.

Vierges et Toreros, Etat Libre d’Orange
This is not a fight you want to get in the middle of. Between the blood, flowers, and animals there’s little room for civilized behavior, yet somehow this ritualized dance of death is beautiful, filtered through bergamot’s golden light, cardamom’s sweet spice and tuberose’s fragrant bloom. Animalic yet bursting with a brut, palate-cleansing force, Vierge et Toreros is full of sharp contrasts that increase our sensual pleasure and appetite.

Cantaride, Peccato Originale
Shiny pearls of the sea (caviar) dapple tender angelica, strewn across a leather canvas. This luminescent, saline musk has its origins in the ocean, but it’s washed ashore like a nugget of fresh ambergris, a priceless gem of the deep. Sweet, solid but refreshingly salty, Cantaride makes our mouths water.

Musk, Brooklyn Perfume Company
An unapologetically strong concoction that calls to mind the secretions of the human body, as much as it does the intoxicating, indolic waft of a pot of orange-blossom honey. Pure, unadulterated, sweet animalism. A simple, confident choice.

Bergamask, Orto Parisi
A clever interruption of the classically clean top note of bergamot, Bergamask brings the alluring texture of musk (reminiscent of a lover’s sebum-scented skin) to combat and combine with the juicy brilliancy of this citric jewel. Unexpectedly sensual, and increasingly animalic once on skin, Bergamask is a sophisticated, hyper-intelligent, earthy rendering of clean and dirty. You’ll want to take a bite and taste this dichotomy for yourself.

Tigre de Bengale, Malbrum
Meant to translate the communication of status inherent to an animal’s practice of marking territory, this fragrance clearly delineates between the wearer and everyone else in their vicinity; superbly strong and long lasting, sweet yet earthy, this slinking, feline scent is a self-assured, dexterous heavyweight capable of just about anything. Wear this to stake your claim.

Rosa Turca, Nishane
No base is more stable for a performance of flower-power than musk. In Rosa Turca, musk holds down the fort so that a double rose, ylang-ylang and two kinds of jasmine can flash and sparkle. Think of this relationship in terms of jewelry; musk is a setting so secure, a 24-carat yellow diamond appears to levitate on a finger. Profound, yet refreshing in its simplicity, Rosa Turca is a beauty that’s irrefutable but never overbearing, even in Nishane’s legendarily high concentration. Divine.


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