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Here’s a list of notes and accords meant to make you think, “What in the..?!” Don't say we didn't warn you!

Lactonic and comforting, this note provides a salivary creamy factor. Some perfumes go a step further and use a “Mother’s Milk” accord. Hey, if you are into that, we ain't here to judge. Traditional milk note featured in Xerjoff Soprano

A synthetic accord made to emulate the smell of plastic can be woven so seamlessly into a fragrance that it adds just a touch of a rock n’ roll to the scent. Think the PVC used to make your old vinyl records! Featured in Jusbox, No Rules

How about some calcified whale bile worth 45K per kilo in its raw form? A bit salty with a touch of warmth...excretions never smelled so good.
Featured in House of Creed, Aventus

Ever fill your tank and find yourself addictively smelling your fingers afterward? A synthetic accord that smells like, yes, you guessed it, gas has been proven to be as irresistible as cheese, wine, or a paper book! Featured in Histoires de Parfums, Petroleum

That savory satisfying butter accord your mouth waters over when you pass by your local movie theater. Featured in Etat Libre D'Orange, La Fin Du Monde

Providing a pungent, leathery odor this is an animalic substance secreted from the beaver’s butt, yes...BUTT! Featured in Initio Parfums Prives, Absolute Aphrodisiac

Used in almost all fragrances as a base note for its heavy-weight and long-lasting staying power, this note used to come straight from the gland sac of a male musk deer into your perfume. Featured in Juliette has a Gun, Musc Invisible

Or nori has a wet, iodized salty odor profile that won't leave you smelling like a fish market, but rather, the fresh ocean breeze. Featured in Abel Odor, Cyan Nori

A resin that seeps out of aquilaria trees when it gets infected with a fungus (not the toe kind, but still a nasty one) costing as much as 100k per kilo. Featured in Fragrance Du Bois, Oud Jaune Intense

An accord usually made of a combination of resins and balsams, some people distinctly interpret this when they smell oud (see description above) -- the smell of a mechanic shop in the summer heat. Featured in Comme des Garcons, Odeur 53

Bodily Fluids
Whether it is the iodized salty accord, the animalic profile created from the rush of adrenaline, or a touch of sweet milkiness -- these scents are not for the faint of heart. We’re lookin’ at you, Secretions Magnifique!

A synthetic accord replicating the soft, sensuous feel of suede against the skin. Soft, powdery, musky. Highly seductive. Featured in Memo Paris, French Leather

*Disclaimer: All the animal-derived notes have been banned in perfume usage due to inhumane treatment and borderline extinction and are currently used in the synthetic form.

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