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Can you believe it? It's that time again - back to school! Time to gear up and rock this school year like never before. Whether you're heading off to college or know someone who is, being productive is essential, but guess what? We're here to make it fun too!
Dorm life, right? No worries, we've totally got you covered! Say goodbye to that lingering pizza smell (and whatever else) with our super chic diffusers. Trust us; your roomies will totally thank you for it. And oh, let's not forget about those epic college parties, we’ve got some fragrances up our sleeves to make sure you're the life of the bash.
But hey, we also know that your mental health is super important. Soothe your soul with our amazing perfumes to keep you centered and Zen throughout the semester. Did you know that a whopping 94% of students felt homesick at some point during their first 10 weeks of college? We get it; homesickness can hit hard. That's why having a scent that reminds you of home and your friends can bring a sense of calm and comfort until you get to visit home for the holidays again.
When you're feeling a bit down or anxious, it's easy to isolate yourself, but psychologists say that mixing and mingling with others is just as crucial as acing those college classes. So, let's make your dorm room visitor-friendly, a cozy sanctuary you can feel good in! How about creating different types of light, adding some live plants, and having a diffuser to keep everything smelling fresh and fabulous? Stock up on healthy snacks, throw in some cozy throws, and here's a cool idea: how about hosting a perfume discovery night with your buds? Our affordable discovery sets allow you to experiment with various perfumes and take mini olfactory journeys together. How fun is that?
Have you heard of biophilic design? It's all about bringing nature into your living space. This trend has been gaining popularity because it's been shown to reduce stress levels and boost creativity! So, think about including patterns or materials that mimic nature, like clay or wood grain. They've got that soothing and repetitive vibe that's just so chill.
Let's make this school year one for the books! Get ready for the adventure ahead with our awesome products and tips to rock your dorm life in style. You've got this!

Olya Bar | Digital Strategy & Communications