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One Umbrella For Two


Part of the Secret Teas and Spices collection
One Umbrella for Two, a sweet, fruity and gourmand Blackcurrant absolute encounters a Genmaicha Tea extract and a Cedarwood oil to form a perfect matching trio.

Blackurrant absolute, genmaicha tea extract, cedarwood oil

One umbrella for two is part of the Secret Teas and Spices collection inspired the Ô Cha ceremony, the Japanese ceremonial preparation of their beloved matcha tea and learn about their customs and traditions. This collection comes in a white bottle to represent the sacred gesture of the tea preparation and each scents have different teas interpreted with a unique spice blend.

Offered in a Bento Box with a refillable Eau de Parfum bottle of 50ml/1.6oz and its cap is a precious refillable purse spray, it can be reused and reloved over and over again. Two extra caps are included for ease of use. Floraïku refills are offered in 60ml/2oz and ready-to-use 10ml refills for the purse spray.

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Customer Reviews

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Heather Van Houten

This fragrance is a hot berry cobbler sprinkled with a nutty carmel toffee. I am obsessed with scent. Black currant is one of my fave notes and is forefront in One Umbrella for Two <3



James Berry
Sis likes it.

Bought a travel spray of one umbrella for two and my sister loved it. She better for 80 bucks!


Beautifully blended tea infused blueberry muffin. This fragrance reminds me of a more feminine version of Roja’s Sweetie Aoud which also has a beautiful blueberry note (my favorite part) but without the oud and balsam touches which can lean masculine. It even has a slight nutty note at the top. Not dupes by any means but more wearable and feminine with a similar vibe if you enjoy that blueberry note. Incredible fragrance lasts all day, projects well, compliments received. Worth every penny. Excited to explore the collection. Just purchased the sample kit.

Rena Neves

This is one of my best if not the best fragrance I have.