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Heretic Parfums Discovery Set


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Sample Set
Heretic Parfums Twisted Lily
Heretic Dirty Ginger
Heretic Smudge Twisted Lily

Heretic Parfums Discovery Set

Product Type: Sample Set
Brand: Heretic Parfums
Country of Origin: United States
Fragrance Family: Not Visible
Style: Not Visible


Douglass Little has been obsessed with fragrance for as long as he can remember. In his youth, he frequented an herb shop in North Hollywood, California, filled with hundreds of bizarre, dried herbs, plants, flowers and oils. Combing through the catalogue, familiarizing himself with the store’s contents and researching oddities is how his obsession was cemented: the more Little learned about the art of fragrance, the further down the rabbit hole he went. Little had stumbled on an extraordinary magic of fragrance, its innate ability to transform the mundane into the sublime and transport the mind to exotic destinations. His love bloomed.

Natural fragrance is a unique, relatively unexplored niche within the fragrance world–outside of spa/aromatherapy products: Little’s interest in natural perfume has very little to do with health benefits and everything to do with the depth and complexity of these organic elements. Natural fragrances are much like wine: one can detect nuances of the plant, the soil and its setting; these fragrances have character that cannot be found or replicated synthetically. Uniquely alive, these fragrances are olfactory fingerprints. The name heretic refers to someone who eschews the masses, preferring their own pathways of thinking.

For a limited time, purchase this discovery set and you’ll also receive a $25 gift card which can be used on any Heretic Parfums full bottle order. Discovery Set Includes Two Options, both of which contain 0.7 ml Eau De Parfum Samples.

Option 1:
Main Collection + $25 Heretic eGift Card.

Includes 0.7ml Samples of the following:
Blood Cedar
Coeur Noir
Holi Water
India Ink
Jasmine Smoke
Pistil Whip

Option 2:
Main Collection + Dirty Series + $25 Heretic eGift Card (we recommend this one!)

Includes the Main Collection listed above plus the Dirty Series which includes 3 x 0.7ml Sample of:
Dirty Ginger
Dirty Neroli
Dirty Rose

Fragrance Notes:

Sample Set
Product SIZE: 10 x 0.7ml Sample Main Collection + 3 x 0.7ml Dirty Series + $25 Heretic Gift Card

Out of stock

Sample Set
Product SIZE: 10 x 0.7ml Sample Main Collection + $25 Heretic Gift Card

Out of stock

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Heretic fragrances are comprised entirely of natural ingredients, and thus can be subtler than a synthetic fragrance. Apply generously where desired, and re-apply liberally throughout the day. Natural fragrances are heavily influenced by your body chemistry. Heretic perfumes bond and evolve with the skin, to create a one-of-a-kind scent that is unique to the individual wearer. Heretic fragrances are not gender specific—each makes a singular statement on both men and women. Because they adapt to the body chemistry of the wearer, they will naturally smell more feminine on women and more masculine on men.

Because heretic perfumes are composed of organic materials, it’s best to keep them away from extreme temperatures such as excessive cold or heat. Keep in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight or intense artificial light.


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