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Product Type: Parfum Extrait
Brand: Slumberhouse
Country of Origin: United States
Fragrance Family: Not Visible
Style: Not Visible


Norne is a coniferous fragrance composed with Canadian and Scandinavian forest absolutes. A scent that triggers the realization (during a walk in the woods) that you’ve left it all behind. Embodying the realm of dark and damp winter forests, moss, dirt, fir and fungus work in unison to construct a bright-black olfactory reminder of what truly underlies our reality; the wild. A fragrant embrace, emblematic of isolation and reflection, Norne makes us feel as if we’re surrounded by pulsing green-grays, blues and browns. Drops of water hang from the points of pine needles, interminably suspended, magnifying glasses that pull the misty, verdant landscape into sharper relief. Norne’s untamed beauty provides the wearer with a sense of riotous, full body sensations of joy. Breathe in deep and feel your heart race: this full-throttle forest romp is as unapologetic, photorealistic naturalism. A wondrous smell of essential splendors, Norne stains our skins with a mysterious memory of the primordial landscape. A perennial favorite.

Fragrance Notes: Fog caked needle, lichen, fern, moss, hemlock, incense


Product SIZE: 30ml

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Product SIZE: .7ml Sample

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2 reviews for Norne

  1. Nikolai

    A masterpiece! At first incredibly dark, heavy, rich – smoky and resinous, with pine pitch and something almost licorice-like in its dark bittersweetness, then the smoke lifts enough to reveal moss and loam. Past an hour, you can start to smell slightly frosty pine emerging from the gloom, the promised “fog-caked needle.”

    It is a hyperrealistic (not photorealistic) dark forest, calling on the archetypal deep dark forests in our minds and successfully convincing us that somewhere in the wild lies something this dangerously captivating.

    Despite seeing numerous claims that this artful but unwearable, this suits me perfectly and I would feel entirely confident and comfortable bathing in it and going about my day – but fortunately due to outstanding sillage and longevity, I don’t need to go that far.

  2. Helen

    An unfortunate skin chemistry issue.

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