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Product Type: Eau De Parfum
Brand: Euphorium Brooklyn
Country of Origin: United States
Fragrance Family: Green
Style: Unisex


WALD by Euphorium Brooklyn is sourced from the finest rare oils, tinctures and absolutes using the traditional euphoria komodo process. Handcrafted in Brooklyn, NY. Euphorium Brooklyn reimagines Victorian-era perfumery. Based on historical detail, fiction and non-fiction merge in this strange tale of three perfumers from the 1860’s. WALD is the second chapter of this journey.

Perfumer Christian Rosenkreuz describers the inspiration behind WALD (1855): “On a crisp spring morning in a forest of Fir, Pine and Cedar, delicate Artimesia lingers in a sweet breeze. Shafts of sunlight, warm and sensual are defined in the morning fog as it lifts to reveal the intoxicating sweet spice of decay on the forest floor. Dry birch smoke from a maple sugar shack drifts by. A mighty bear slumbers by a brook. Lay your head down to luxuriate in moss, fresh grass and damp earth. Breathe in the beauty of it and become yourself.”

30ml and 15ml bottles come with a screw cap, travel bottle along with a glass stopper bottle.

Fragrance Notes: Fir, Thuja, Cedar, Elemi, Frankincense, Juniper, Artemisia, Linden Blossom, Cistus, Clove, Nutmeg, Fern, Fresh Grass, Smoke, Honey, Maple Syrup, Moss, Vetiver, Agarwood, Birch Tar, Animal Skin, Castoreum, Damp Earth


Product SIZE: 30ml

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Product SIZE: 15ml

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About the Perfumer, Dr. Christian Rosenkreuz:
A character with stoic courage and discipline of will to master his animal guide, the Bear (a core creature of the Euphorium Bile Works animistic mythology and featured in present day Euphorium Brooklyn logo). 1860’s co-founder of Euphorium Brooklyn, Christian Rosenkreuz was a medical doctor, esoteric scientist and bio-mechanical inventor from an upper class family of doctors and engineers in Kassel, Germany. Although recognized to be a prodigy, early in his formal studies his medical research was deemed unethical and ultimately led to Christian’s expulsion from the Berlin Academy. Ever the tinker-inventor, he went on to create pioneering research in bio-mechanical organ development and transplantation. Rosenkreuz was able to sustain his increasingly eccentric theoretical research with his family’s wealth.

After losing his daughter and only child ( a foundling discovered by a brook near the Rosenkreuz family cottage ) in a mysterious incident possibly involving a bear in the Schwarzwald forest of southern Bavaria, Christian was severely disabled by a rare form of mental unrest called “Catatonia Fleo” (an extreme form of melancholia “Spleen”) which reduced him to a weeping stupor.

Wheeled to the edge of a forest bordering the gardens of his sanitarium to a stand of Artemisia in the still crisp morning of an early spring day by his nurse, Christian experienced an almost immediate recovery of much of his faculties and began work on the formula of what was to become WALD. Wrought in an effort to save himself from of his own terrors, WALD soon became a love song penned by a composer who regains his lost hearing to both his muse and saviour.

1 review for Wald EDP OIL

  1. cdaleb (verified owner)

    The liquid is quite thick, oily and true green. Immediately you pick up the pines, junipers, conifers, firs, etc. The maple syrup is unmistakable. Moments later up comes the smoke, frankincense and birch tar. This all starts smoldering creating a bonfire effect. This is all within the first 5 minutes and wafting quite strongly.
    After sometime the artemisia finally comes out of hiding. Smells literally like you have taken a leaf and crushed it with your fingers. Pungent but herbal and a tad sweet. The animal hide comes forth. Rough and raw leather. I keep thinking I get a spicy clove now and again. There are points of this fragrance that briefly reminded me of a hint of marijuana Or it just could have been my neighbor. Ha ha. You can sense raw vetiver.
    Now after an hour or so it is calming down and quite reminds me of the whole neighborhood mowing their lawn while still a tad dewy. The evergreen resins, smoke and syrup is still present but quite closer to a skin scent.
    After 4 hours I still detect it as a skin scent. I had a quick flashback of the original polo with incense. The quality is amazing. This was with a very small dab to my wrist and pressing other wrist together. I imagine one to two full dabs with the bottle stopper on some pulse points and WOW, it would be strong.
    There you have it. I do admit when I get to moving around the oil has no problems coming back to life on my skin. Excellent.

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