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Product Type: Eau De Parfum
Brand: Euphorium Brooklyn
Country of Origin: United States
Fragrance Family: Leather
Style: Unisex


Smooth and creamy this neat, slightly fruity fragrance is at once supple and tightrope-taut. Like a three ring circus, Suedois spotlights several different incarnations of suede simultaneously. On stage right, a duo of fruits (raspberry and raisin) perform an acrobatic routine on swings knit of wildflowers, petitgrain and labdanum, a Watteauian rendering of suede’s lighter side. Center stage, the lion tamer of this circus (a persona of patchouli, sandalwood and peru balsam) wields a suede whip to master a parade of prancing pups; coumarin, nutmeg, sage, cardamom and anise skip and nip, a carousel of spice come to life. At stage left, cream and oakmoss are amorphous, silken sword swallowers who display an expansive ability to absorb–smoking daggers of ambergris, elemi, myrrh, and birch.  Barnum and Bailey (castoreum and ambergris) are an invisible duo who enable and synthesize the drama of Suedois. Playful and long-lasting, the newest scent by Euphorium Brooklyn is delicious, multi-faceted fun. Smooth some on and get ready to shine.

Fragrance Notes: Indonesian Sandalwood, Swedish Wildflower, Petitgrain, Raspberry, Raisin, Labdanum, Clary Sage, Oakmoss, Cardamom, Elemi, Myrrh, Patchouli, Nutmeg, Anise, Cassia, Benzoin, Peru Balsam, Coumarin, Vanilla Cream, Suede, Castoreum, Ambergris, Birch Tar, Cade, Tonka Musk


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Perfumer’s Inspiration:
The first fragrance to blossom from the creative collaboration of Euphorium Brooklyn’s founders; Etienne Chevreuil, Rudolph Komodo and Christian Rosenkreuz, SUEDOIS was a special labour of love. Early in the three gentlemen’s acquaintance, it became known that they had all fallen deeply in
love with the same woman at some point in their past. When they heard that this woman, once the object of their desire, would be brought to New York for
her first operatic tour of America, the perfumers of the Euphorium set about to craft a poem in her honor with scent. SUEDOIS is the romance they wrought. Meaning both “Swedish” or “Suede” in French, SUEDOIS is a fragrance that plays on both meanings of the word. A rich, soft and supple note from the finest sandalwood known to grow on this Earth from eastern Indonesia, establishes the warmth and radiance of a Swedish summer in SUEDOIS.

About the Perfumers Etienne Chevreuil, Rudolph Komodo and Christian Rosenkreuz
SUEDOIS, the first creative collaboration of Euphorium Bile Works founders, Rosenkruez, Chevreuil and Komodo began as a collective lament on love by these three eccentric perfumers.

Iconoclasts, often isolated and stymied from forming deep bonds and close connections with others due to their unusual and extreme views, these three men were first drawn together as colleagues and collaborators to create a salve for the pain of heartache. They soon became explorers attempting to chart a path through euphoric experience to achieve a “Knowing” or understanding of the human condition. Having first cast an eye to the great kingdom of Sweden in pursuit of the 18th century “Prince of Botanists”, Carl von Linne and later to
Emanuel Swedenborg and his transcendental wisdom, these three perfumers euphoric soon lost themselves to loves as profound a they were to be fleeting and ephemeral in nature.


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