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Aoud Jasmine


Aoud Jasmine

Eau De Parfum


Country of Origin: France

Fragrance Family: Floral Oriental

Style: Unisex

Bouncy, bright and beautiful, Aoud Jasmine is a neatly balanced scent that highlights all of jasmine’s most lighthearted features. A fruity alliance at the outset of this scent ensures a vivid fragrance: mandarin is a tangy, not-too-tart citrus, imitating a gentle, honeyed sunshine that coaxes jasmine to unfurl its creamy petals. Apple is a verdant, cruciferous counterpoint to jasmine’s sumptuous flesh, while pear emanates a nutty sweetness that complements jasmine’s jammier tendencies. This fruity triumvirate effectively sublimates the indolic aspects of Indian Jasmine. A sensual rose continues to control and release jasmine from its traditionally heavy format. In a role reversal, Nepalese Aoud supplies the funky, earthy, fleshly sillage for which jasmine is known.  Amber’s saline strength tempers the sweetness of the fruit-forward top elements. Musk synthesizes and smoothes out all of Aoud Jasmine, so that it is straightforward and easy to wear.

Equally well suited to dressing up or down, this fragrance always maintains jasmine’s inherent glamour. A great indulgence in jeans or crepe de chine, Aoud Jasmine is effortless chic.

Fragrance Notes:

Oud, Mandarin, Green Apple, Pear, Jasmine, Rose, Amber, Oakmoss, White Musk

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Aoud Jasmine 100ml

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