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Winter Nights


Winter Nights

Product Type: Eau De Parfum
Brand: Dasein Fragrance
Country of Origin: United States
Fragrance Family: Woody Aromatic
Style: Unisex


Winter Nights by Dasein Fragrance has returned for the winter/holiday 2019 season. One of Twisted Lily’s best selling fragrances of 2016, 2017 and 2018, Winter Nights has been produced in a limited run so be sure to get your hands on a bottle before this beauty goes into hibernation once again. The scent was created as a collaboration between Dasein’s nose Sam Rader and fellow indie perfumer Josh Meyer of Imaginary Authors.

Winter Nights… pull that Pendleton tighter round your shoulders and snuggle into the side of a loved one, as you listen to guitar strings under the stars, or simply, the soft, lapping waves. Lit by the warm orange glow of a beach bonfire, Winter Nights crackles and snaps sweetly. A cool breeze blows through pines and cypress, stirring tiny fingers of piquant, bittersweet green into a kind of high, gentle song, as pure a child’s voice. As the music of the forest rolls out towards the liquid symphony of the sea, the sumptuous warmth of dry, sparkly fire sneaks quietly into our blankets and clothes and nestles there, a smoldering signature that will stay with us for days to come.

Cardamom tea’s cool hot spice seeps sweetly out from a loosely screwed thermos, and mingles with the comforting heat of burning driftwood. A palo santo-like mintiness emerges for a moment, but we quickly realize that what we’re smelling, somehow, is the sweet, dusty cool of lavender flowers, as if the intoxicating pleasure of this wintry setting has lulled us into hibernation and we’ve awoken in another season, like Dorothy rediscovered, only in a field of purple. A perfect balance of spice, sweet and smoke, Winter Nights will convert even the skeptics that perfume perfection can be achieved with a few select, natural effects. Make this your cozy constant.

Fragrance Notes: Coastal Forest, Driftwood Bonfire, Cardamom Tea, Lavender, Wild Musk

Winter Nights
Product SIZE: 50ml

Each small batch is hand blended and bottled in the hills of Glassell Park. All Dasein scents are paraben and glycol free.


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