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Rose Atlantic Body Lotion

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Rose Atlantic Body Lotion

Product Type: Body Lotion
Brand: D.S. & Durga
Country of Origin: United States
Fragrance Family: Floral Green
Style: Unisex

Spritzers aboard the famous Salt Spray Rose. Sinatra’s summer wind, dunegrass in the distance, rosehip, the white lighthouse. Rose Atlantic invites us to climb on board, kick back and enjoy the season. Bergamot lights upon soft petals at the top of this fragrance, and lemon reinforces this luminous bloomy sweetness with its own crisp, floral brilliance. Linden is a dulcet, surprisingly deep fragrance that morphs from lightweight and clean into a richer, almost jasmine-like creaminess. Rose accord is a multifaceted wonder: this flower is a spiral of red berry bitter sweetness with a suave, silken texture that sinks soothingly into skin. Buoyed by the matte, slightly herbal shimmer of dune grass, rose is the floating center of this scent, a beacon of red, transparent light. Muscone laps against rose, it’s white, foamy texture a gentle kiss compared to the full (yet refreshing) embrace of cold salt water. White moss is a fine filigree that frames rose’s perfect beauty. Rose Atlantic is a romantic, vivacious fragrance that perches, with lively aplomb on skin. Perfect for a party of two, this scent is subtle, discrete seduction, designed to withstand the swelter–seasonal or otherwise.

Rose Atlantic Body Lotion is made WITH coconut oil, shea butter, apricot kernel oil, meadowfoam seed oil, argan oil, chamomile flower, rosehip seed oil, aloe, vitamin E, and hyaluronic acid. It is made WITHOUT animal products, animal testing, parabens, sulfates, silicones, and phthalates.

Fragrance Notes: Bergamot, Petals, Lemon Oil, Linden, Salt Spray Rose Accord, Dune Grass, Muscone, Salt Water, White Moss

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