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Nomenclature Adr_Ett


nomenclature adr_ett 50ml
nomenclature adr_ett 10ml

Nomenclature Adr_Ett

Product Type: Eau De Parfum
Brand: Nomenclature
Country of Origin: United States
Fragrance Family: Aromatic
Style: Unisex


Representing the latest generation of synthetic musks, Helvetolide is a vegetal musk extracted from hibiscus seeds particularly valued for its palatable, pear-like freshness, reminiscent of ambrette. Patented in 1991 by the Swiss Firmenich, Helvetolide, derives from Helvetia, Latin for Switzerland. adr_ett is a zero gravity musk. Helvetolide softly envelops, while its aura is long-lasting. Engendering an otherworldly feeling of weightless stillness, akin to wearing the most comfortable, lightweight space suit NASA could engineer. Rather than using Helvetolide as an enhancement, Frank Voelkl focuses on its ethereal vibe to create a futuristic composition that comforts as it challenges. A comet of pink pepper punches a crater of fruitiness on the face of ard_ett. The cool steel of iris underlines Helvetolides affinity with ambrette (the latter of which has an iris-like quality). A milky way of vanilla, tonka bean and ambergris illuminate the sensuous aspects of this musk. On skin, ard_ett explores the boundaries between warm and cool, building a body veined with cool rivulets but radiating a cozy heat. Adrett means “neat” or “dapper” in German: in the minimalist, smartly trimmed ard_ett, every note is indispensable – as it would be in outer space. This fragrance is a wardrobe essential whether you’re free floating in the ether or firmly installed on terra firma.

Fragrance Notes: Pink Pepper, Musk, Pear, Iris, Ambergris, Vanilla, Tonka Bean

nomenclature adr_ett 50ml
Product SIZE: 50ml
nomenclature adr_ett 10ml
Product SIZE: 10 ml

Product SIZE: .7ml Sample
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