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Men of Blame


Men of Blame

Product Type: Eau De Parfum
Brand: Carlen Parfums
Country of Origin: United States
Fragrance Family: Aromatic Spicy
Style: Unisex


An inscrutable man. Conjured in a single column of smoke, power, seduction and dark purpose. Known and then incorporated, this fragrant personality recedes into dim shadows that stain our memory with longings we never knew we had. A dark, sweet resin smolders at the outset of this infamous temptation. Enticing us to move deeper into the dark interior of Men of Blame, resin quickly gives way to the unmitigated intensity of oud and incense. Oud is both wholly intact and strangely specious; still this famous element never delivers on its threat of funk. Instead, in a gust of dry, invisible incense, patchouli erases any possibility of oud growing overpowering. Patchouli (supported by a hearty dose of earthy, unctuous black cumin) is reminiscent of some dark, humid undergrowth, beckoning with all the mysterious, blunt intensity of Rousseau’s jungles. Orange blossom is a luscious, ripe undercurrent that bleeds a fruity floral aroma beneath a dusting of shimmering, piquant black pepper. Tonka bean absorbs and refracts this pepper blossoms iridescence, contributing its own faint hint of gourmand sweetness. An enveloping, intoxicating fragrance, Men of Blame is irrefutably irresistible, an inherent demonstration of the pointlessness of shame of guilt. Spray, sit back and enjoy.

Fragrance Notes: Black Resin, Oud, Incense, Patchouli, Black Cumin, Orange Blossom, Black Pepper, Tonka Bean

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