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Hudson 314

$95.00 $52.25


Hudson 314

Product Type: Candle
Brand: source adage NYC
Country of Origin: United States
Fragrance Family: Not Visible
Style: Not Visible

$95.00 $52.25

Small city beauty. Hudson’s architectural atmos and spellbinding surroundings inspired this eponymous scent, which is cool, fresh and effortlessly appealing. Earthy notes of rain soaked oak and leaves are both sweetly cruciferous and barkishly bittersweet. Cedar steams and smokes, akin to chimney smoke and morning mist melded into one woodsy vapor. Ivy is a intense, snappish verdancy that expresses both urgency and stately age. The darker earth tones of Hudson 314 are brightened by wild flowers, their pollen-rich scents striating the rain streaked setting with pops of color. Matured orchard fruit is almost wine-like, it’s rich, aged sugars tangy and complex as they break down into and enrich the earth. Misted meadows, smelling sweetly of tall, moist grasses meet and yield to the unctuous affect of mossy woodlands at the break of day. From our wild sanctuary we espy steeples, which pierce the veil of fog in this storied river town. As the sun rises, Hudson awakens to freshly-sown innuendo, commingled with timeless intrigues. Hudson 314 always gives us something to talk about.

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Product SIZE: 10.2oz
$95.00 $52.25
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