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Debaser Pocket Perfume


Debaser Pocket Perfume
DS Durga Pocket Perfume Pouch

Debaser Pocket Perfume

Product Type: Perfume Oil Roll-on
Brand: D.S. & Durga
Country of Origin: United States
Fragrance Family: Fruity
Style: Unisex


The wild shrill of Black Francis coming through the radio in the August heat. Bergamot kicks off this bad (in a good way) scent, and setting up the pop that reverberates throughout this three-dimensional fragrance. Green leaves contribute a dulcet sweetness that temper bergamot’s ripe tang, which playfully interweave with the subtly floral, woody elegance of pear stem. In Debaser, fig is indecently ripe, yet remarkably refreshing, an ooze of sweet, lactic, and green energy that melds with a full-blown flow of coconut milk to create a baby blue, smooth texture that is opalescent. In the midst of these free-flowing elemental exchanges, iris is the one note that tempers the constant movement of this scent, as it swings and slips from texture to texture. As iris builds a sense of soothing calm, tonka bean and dry blond woods continue to anchor, through shimmering and striated textures, both of which preserve the vivid, virile uniqueness of Debaser. Moss is a final touch, a gauzy, matte scrim against which contrast and complement the brilliant tones of this fig. Lively, loud (as in phenomenally long lasting), Debaser is a fig like no other: entirely androgynous, sensual yet crystal clean, and patently exciting, this fragrance pushes your scent-expectations into a whole new dimension. A gorgeous, ribald, uncompromising portrait of a favored fruit, reinvented.

Fragrance Notes: Bergamot, Green Leaf, Pear Stem, Fig, Coconut Milk, Iris, Blond Woods, Tonka Bean, Moss

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Debaser Pocket Perfume
Product SIZE: 10ml Roll-on


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