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Coriander DS Durga
Coriander DS Durga


Product Type: Eau De Parfum
Brand: D.S. & Durga
Country of Origin: United States
Fragrance Family: Aromatic
Style: Feminine


Cool spices and a Mediterranean sea breeze: Coriander recalls the hills above Odessa. Androgynous and light bodied, Coriander is green, cool energy. Sparkling traces of the black sea settle over this inland garden, magnifying the dynamic scents of these leaves and petals. Russian coriander is a hearty weed, with a soapy sparkle. Pepper magnifies coriander’s shimmer, through capsicum’s gentle flame. Juniper is a fresh, crunchy spike of bittersweet fruit. Geranium is as light and piercing as the sun. Clove, alternately, is dark and sweet, its rich spice mimicking an earthy layer, from which other dimmer notes spring. Clary sage is fuzzy and slightly milky; this herbal cream is continued in the weighty satin of magnolia and soft mounds of musk. Mace reinvigorates this thick base, maintaining the upbeat vibe of Coriander. Vivid, alive, Coriander is a perennial favorite.

Fragrance Notes: Russian coriander, pepper, juniper needle, lime, geranium, lavender absolute, Russian rose absolute, clove stem, cubeb, sage, musk, magnolia, mace, grass


Product SIZE: 100ml
Coriander DS Durga
Product SIZE: 50ml
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