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Blues & Stones Sample Set


Sample Set

Blues & Stones Sample Set

Product Type: Sample Set
Brand: Atelier de Geste
Country of Origin: United States
Fragrance Family: Not Visible
Style: Not Visible


Discover Blues and Stones, two new scents from Atelier de Geste.

Atelier de Geste (The Gesture Studio) Scents are olfactive expressions of gesture, color, and movement. ADG creates scents because they believe that olfaction is an artful, powerful and transportive sense that elevates and intensifies everyone’s daily life. Scents are an everyday theater: colors and shapes, moods and memories, rhythms and forms. ADG Scents are made in limited edition batches, created with the finest ingredients. A heritage perfumery in Grasse, France hand mixes ADG scent formulas, all paraben/sulfate/phthalate free. The most limited edition scents are mixed in-house at their NYC scent lab. ADG is committed to creating sustainable luxury products, made from consciously-sourced, natural, exquisite ingredients that are a cut above.

Includes 0.7ml Samples of:

Blues pairs the sensual mystery of woods and marine notes with heady florals and bright resins.

A weighty, unisex scent, Stones centers around a strong vetiver with salty, unexpected notes.

Fragrance Notes:

Sample Set
Product SIZE: 2 x 0.7ml Sample

BLUES is a colorist scent that was created for a performance, ALL BLUES, expressing the sacred, celestial aspects of the color, as well as its earthy grittiness and depth. Each note corresponds to a movement suite of the choreographed piece. This is the first Atelier de Geste in-house mixed, natural perfume of exquisite ingredients from the finest sustainable essence farms in the world. The first edition of this scent will be limited to 100 pieces in 2016. Blues pairs the sensual mystery of woods and marine notes with heady florals and bright resins. Initially pungent and searingly bright, Blues eventually resolves into a statuesque, chypre beauty, its evolutionary journey as remarkable as the end result. Neroli and olibanum marry at the outset of this scent to create a thick, fresh adhesive tack. Seaweed reinforces this sticky texture, simultaneously dissolving this finish with its saline fervor. Vetiver surfaces, a clean yet spicy blade of green that sluices through preceding notes and paves the way for a clearer perspective in Blues. Petitgrain reiterates the pinging, alert quality of neroli at the start, it’s bright light signaling a gear shift. A sultry, sweet jasmine resolves under petitgrain’s yellow beam. Dulcet, smoky chords of cedarwood echo jasmine’s siren call. Oakmoss absolute is the grand, finishing touch on this remarkable scent, creating a gauzy, gentle conclusion to a scent that was once seemed devoid of such lushness. An iconoclastic stunner, Blues captures the full spectrum of this color.

STONES was inspired by the idea of the movement of stones and boulders through time. It has a solid core, accented by a salty sense of whimsy. Mixed in a heritage perfumery in Grasse, France, the first edition of Stones will be limited to 200 pieces in 2016. A weighty, unisex scent, Stones centers around a strong vetiver with salty, unexpected notes. Galbanum and geranium shine a brilliant, photosynthetic beam of green onto vetiver. Tomato leaf imparts a playful, raw soil sweetness. Ivy is bitter and firm, a smell that firms our sense of this amorphous, misty scent. Lotus and ginger are soft, coinciding effects that contribute a sparkling freshness. Moss and lichen are barely discernible as scent, but their alternately stippled and thick, damp textures ground lighter, more fugitive aspects–like muguet. Nightshade’s bitter, blue green quality drenches these unseen stones and reveals their true, rock-solid dimensionality. Stones is a scent that explores the self same moving objects through a detailed, precise rendering of the surrounding olfactive environment. Like a coloring book with no lines, Stones invisibly constructs a visible space. Exuberant yet contemplative, Stones is a fascinating reality.


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