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Product Type: Eau De Parfum
Brand: Ex Idolo
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Fragrance Family: Woody
Style: Unisex

True to the traditions of the grand houses of the golden age of perfume, Ex Idolo has created an exceptional blend inspired by the history of the members clubs of Mayfair and St. James in London. The fragrance is a juxtaposition of sweet tobacco and boozy notes against a warm woody-amber accord. The fragrance is anchored by a sparkling and ultra rare Omani (Hougari) frankincense. Although inspired by the past, Ryder is a modern fragrance; it is worth mentioning that although many of the members clubs started as male-only – a large number of them now invite women as well. To represent this, Ryder’s distinctive character has been enhanced with a heady, indolic Royal jasmine.

Fragrance Notes: Sweet pipe tobacco, Boozy notes, Jasmine, Amber, Resins, Dark woods, Omani frankincense, Tahitian Vanilla

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2 reviews for Ryder

  1. jrmcquill (verified owner)

    Holy amber smoke! This is a little overwhelming. Seems very sweet, as well, making it very cloying. I would go into further detail, but nothing else happens, other than softening a bit through the dry down. Not my cup, but to each their own. Pass and thumbs down.

  2. JBS (verified owner)

    There is something to be said on how fragrances reacts differently to each individual . Case in point; A co worker and I tried Tauerville’s , Vanilla Flash. She got more of the sweet where as I got the rose. We both enjoyed the fragrance . Also, there can be a difference as to what part of your body you apply the fragrance. If I put some on the back of my hand I tend to get more spice if spice is present. When I place the scent on the inside of my wrist, the fragrance seems to have more depth. That’s where I place any fragrance when am first sampling . It’s also easier to wash off when it’s on your wrist. I also try and remain objective when sampling . I try to get peoples opinion on what they think of it , and of course I use what Jeffery talks about, The Checkout Line Criteria . When I first sampled Ryder I loved the rich depth of pipe tobacco and liquor infused element it has, along with an amber that fills it’s presence .There is also a floral that can make Ryder unisex. I asked a small number of people what they thought of it and I had one I don’t know, a number of nice and a few big smiles and one who asked what it was . As for the checkout line, women drew in close to get a better whiff. Ryder tends to fill the air around where you have walked. It also has great longevity . So I can assuredly suggest that you give this one a sample test for yourself to see if it works on your skin. Twisted Lilly has an excellent Custom Sample set.

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