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Iron Duke

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Iron Duke

Product Type: Eau De Parfum
Brand: Beaufort London
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Fragrance Family: Woody Spicy
Style: Unisex

REVENANTS is Beaufort’s first collection of olfactory impressions. Figures from Britain’s past come alive through these fragrant characters. An scented shading of history with a subtle, lingering presence.

Vol 1 is Iron Duke, a tribute to Arthur Wellesley, Duke Of Wellington (1769 – 1852). Perfumer Julie Dunkley creates a strikingly powerful fragrance with animalic depths, a olfactory apparition of the celebrated horseman, warrior politician and sartorial pioneer. Sweet snuff tobacco interestingly alludes to the strikingly greenery of England, and evokes a savory gourmandise. Metal and alcohol clang together, two acidic, tannic swords meeting midair. Animalic notes provide a stable grounding for the action packed elements of this scent, the steaming, salty sweat of steeds soaking up and streamlining the clamour. Saddle soap creates a velveteen swathe of skin that makes the Iron Duke feel more steady and less steely. Leather and gunpowder illustrate a speeded chase; a cloud of gun smoke reverberating against the taut drum of a skinned armor, as the leathered rider rushes through the smolder and onwards in battle. Hay, a soft sweetness, is like an idyllic memory, far from the battlefield. Clean yet full of a brut animalism, Iron Duke is majestic, determined and polished.

Fragrance Notes: Sweet Snuff Tobacco, Metal, Alcohol, Animalic Notes, Saddle Soap, Leather, Gunpowder, Hay

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