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Palo Santo

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Palo Santo

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Product Type: Eau De Parfum
Brand: Carner Barcelona
Country of Origin: Spain
Fragrance Family: Woody
Style: Unisex

Palo Santo is shapeshifting, dulcet smoke. Indian davana and rum are the libation that kick off this transformational (scent) ceremony. The second offering is a cocktail of milk and tonka bean muddled in a chalice of guaiac wood, a potion that warms the heart and undoes it’s knotty complications. A mint-like vapor rises from this coronary concoction, heralding the fresh, hearty cedar, vetiver and amyris foundation of this scent. Palo Santo, in it’s wispy, delectable effervescence, is cathartic yet comforting. A ritual you’ll want to make time for, every day.

Coveted by shamans for centuries, it is believed that this spiritual wood has the power to protect and usher in good fortune. A faint misting will cleanse the mood and raise spirits, invoking the true purifying virtues of Palo Santo.

Fragrance Notes: Indian Davana, Rum Accord, Warm Milk, Paraguayan Guaiac Wood, Venezuelan Tonka Bean, Moroccan Cedar Wood, Haitian Vetiver, Dominican Republic Amyris

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1 review for Palo Santo

  1. Angelina

    If you like MILK and you like it SWEET, you should sample this, you may never smell anything this good ever again. I am considering buying a bottle, it is sweet, creamy, woody, milk.

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