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Black Calamus

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Black Calamus

Product Type: Eau De Parfum
Brand: Carner Barcelona
Country of Origin: Spain
Fragrance Family: Aromatic Spicy
Style: Unisex

The bright sweetness of calamus embraces the dazzle of darkness, sumptuous exotic resins and balsams. A majestic scent, Black Calamus delivers endless sensual delight. Indian calamus weaves it soft, silken cinnamon shimmer in this intricate composition of Black Calamus, a connective river that tempers and augments different elements throughout. Malabar pepper is a pop of urgent piquancy against the satin, soap sizzle of Morrocan Coriander seeds. Egyptian papyrus extract is delightful texture, a rustle akin to the liquid rush of fine silk skirts. Andalusian labdanum and cistus are invisible but not imperceptible, their rosey-sweet glow suffusing Black Calamus with a grounding warmth. Chinese osmanthus heightens our ability to distinctly perceive each satellite spice as this fruity bright flower illuminates the interior of this scent. Turkish rose and mexican vanilla are creamy spirals of sweetness at the center of this fragrance, over which winds of funky, irresistible oud, the immeasurably complex Omani frankincense and enlivening, bittersweet Spanish cade swirl. Elegant and exhilarating, Black Calamus is a beauty to wear and behold.

Fragrance Notes: Indian Calamus, Malabar Pepper, Moroccan Coriander Seeds, Egyptian Papyrus Extract, Andalusian Labdanum Resin, Andalusian Cistus, Chinese Osmanthus Absolute, Turkish Rose Absolute, Mexican Vanilla Extract, Oud Wood Accord, Omani Frankincense, Spanish Cade Essence

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