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Smoke Flower

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Smoke Flower

Product Type: Eau De Parfum
Brand: Tobali
Country of Origin: Japan
Fragrance Family: Floral Woody
Style: Unisex

The courtesan Takaodayu, known as the ultimate “woman of pleasure”, used her captivating beauty to charm only the most powerful and highest class of men of her time. With her lustrous “seductiveness” and smooth “intellect”, she captivated them one and all. With a cigarette in her hand and wearing flowers of the most brilliant colors, fully versed in the arts of tea ceremony and flower arrangement, Takaodayu’s overwhelming beauty enthralled the highest ranking of her age. She was truly a person on a pedestal, an unobtainable vision. Behind her gaudy façade, however, she had another side of seeking true love and devoting her life to loving just one man. The contradiction of loving a single man as the ultimate woman of pleasure. A woman like a flower elegantly blooming amid wreathes of smoke, possessed of the ultimate gorgeousness but also the sadness.

Smoke Flower by Tobali at Twisted Lily is the mellow seductiveness of brilliantly colored flowers gently enveloped and fused with the tobacco smoke of smoldering intellect, while the deeply spreading turmeric (ukon) and medicinal plants further bring out the latent, holy fragrance that lies deep inside. A fragrance like sweet and rich honey.

As with all Tobali perfumes, rather than a fragrance that is instantly gorgeous, this is one that slowly expands its influence with the fragrance harbored deep inside gradually diffusing. A fragrance as delicate as a sharpened blade, and as fragile as a taut thread. A complex and mysterious fragrance with Hidden Japonism 834 as its core, which is itself centered around the sacred fragrance of agarwood.

Fragrance Notes: Baie Rose (Pink Pepper), Cardamom, Turmeric (Ukon), Clove, Tobacco, Incense, Lily Of The Valley, Kanzo, Amber, Oud/Jinko, Cashmere Wood, Hidden Japonism 834 (Agarwood)

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