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Sogno Reale


Sogno Reale

Product Type: Extrait de Parfum
Brand: Mendittorosa
Country of Origin: Italy
Fragrance Family: Not Visible
Style: Not Visible


Launched in Spring 2015, Sogno Reale is a unique, mesmerizing force. In Italian Sogno Reale has two meanings: translating as both “real dream” or “royal dream”, Sogno Reale supports the search for one’s dreams and helps us achieve our desires. The ultimate companion for a life based on Mendittorosa’s core philosophy, “Search and you will find…”

Sogno Reale is an unusual reverie that’s set somewhere between land and sea, intangible and the physical, reality and subconscious. Green lemon leaf (drily floral) melds neatly with juicy bergamot to create a lightweight, terse acidity at the top of this fragrance. A marine accord is a saline, lusciously liquid texture which both magnifies and quells the sweet, ripe intensity of tuberose. As this star floral shimmers through its salt crusted exterior, patchouli winds its smoldering form languidly through Sogno Reale, like a guiding spirit made of incense. Wafting over a glossy, hardened pile of volcanic olibanum, that emanates a green, tangy fragrance which is intensified by the unctuous, compact, animalic intensity of hyraceum. Rum softens the growing funk of this fragrance, filtering the sweaty, salty stink of the ocean through a sieve of searing sandalwood and gleaming, luminous styrax. Amber woods is the ultimate aspect of Sogno Reale, fresh and sultry simultaneously. The imaginined scent of the mysterious sea urchin, king of the unknown depths of the ocean and a symbol for the unplumbed fathoms of our minds. A glorious triptych of sun, earth and sea, Sogno Reale is a natural fantasy.

Fragrance Notes: Lemon, Bergamot, Marine/Iodine accords, Tuberose, Patchouli, Volcanic Olibanum, Hyraceum, Rhum, Sandalwood, Styrax, Amber Woods


Product SIZE: 100ml

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