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Product Type: Parfum Extrait
Brand: Orto Parisi
Country of Origin: Italy
Fragrance Family: Not Visible
Style: Not Visible


Undisclosed notes lead to speculation, but whatever Seminalis is composed of, seduction is its purpose. This fragrance is a warm bloom of scent that unfurls on skin with a languid, enigmatic energy that is irrefutably alluring. As Gualtieri suggests, Seminalis lands somewhere on the female end of the scented spectrum, from where it tugs incessantly on the heartstrings of the masculine tip of the fragrant rainbow, until gendered extremities collapse on top of and fall into one another, creating a purely sensual embrace, devoid of socialized reason. Like the sweetness of fresh sweat (coupled with faint remnants of a special pre-date toilette ritual), Seminalis sticks to skin with a water-resistant vigor of its titular post-coital stuff. At moments, this fragrance resembles some rich flower, pierced and bleeding a sweet, final breath under a barrage of spice. A less subdued version of Seminalis evokes memories of the undeniable excitement of the first, melting touch of fine patisserie against our tongues, and the salty rush of saliva such delicacies elicit. Whatever this sweet, salty, spicy and thoroughly ensconcing scent is made of, Seminalis effectively impregnates us with an insatiable desire for more.

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Product SIZE: 50ml
Sample Vial Twisted Lily Brooklyn
Product SIZE: 0.7ml Sample
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