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Product Type: Eau De Parfum
Brand: Bottega Profumiera
Country of Origin: Italy
Fragrance Family: Floral Oriental
Style: Feminine

Polianthes Tuberose, or “Tuberosa”, is the note that gives this perfume its name. Sexy, heady, sultry and carnal are words typically applied to tuberose perfumes. In Polianthes, Lembo also wanted to trigger comments like soft, reflective, independent and strong. The Bottega Profumeira edition of this flower is surprising and luminescent. Initially a delicate fruitiness issues from tiare and ylang-ylang, while gardenia and jasmine erupt with a gleaming, creamy passion. In this scent, tuberose occupies the middle ground on the white floral spectrum, and it’s glorious here, between fresh and indulgent. This white to ecru rainbow could easily evaporate into pure light, but benzoin, amber and vanilla’s sweet, resinous grit catches these flitting, flirtatious florals and imbues them with a deep, golden light. Now a glowing coal of flower power, Polianthes’ finishing touch is a base (teak, vetiver and sandalwood) that smells continuously buoyant but grounded and confidently femme. Sensuality coexists with intelligence, passion cohabitates with strength, and love is balanced by independence. Lembo creates a tuberose that speaks to the endless possibilities of femininity.

Fragrance Notes: Tiare, Tuberose, Gardenia, Ylang-Ylang, Jasmin, Benzoin, Frankincense, Amber, Vanilla, Teakwood, Vetiver, Sandalwood

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