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Product Type: Eau de Parfum
Brand: Mendittorosa
Country of Origin: Italy
Fragrance Family: Smoky
Style: Unisex


The last letter of the Greek alphabet denotes the end, the final limit. Omega is Alfa’s opposite, deriving its elegance and composure from a benign unawareness of its own mortality. Fittingly, an elegiac beauty characterizes this fragrance. Jasmine, iris and violet collaborate to create the purple sky of this fragrance, a reverent tone that symbolizes its own imminent demise. A leather rich core is comprised of the richly herbaceous perfume of resins and the lactic, animalic funk of oud. Precious woods are the solid foundation of this aging structure, and they are draped in velvet layers of dust, Egyptian cumin that’s dank, unctuous and unfathomably deep. White musk softens the hard edges of rosewood, while vanilla adds an alluringly gourmand touch. Virginian cedar and incense constitute the obliviously ephemeral nature of Omega, their smoky sway romantically illustrating the inevitable, phoenix-like dissolution that punctuates the existence of this scent. Haunting and delicate, Omega is that rare fragrance which symbolizes its own end, but not sadly. The anti-maudlin, Omega leaves ample room for all inevitabilities, including regeneration.

Fragrance Notes: Leather accord (Absolute Resinoid +Oud), Jasmine, Iris, Violet, Precious Woods, Egyptian Cumin, Rosewood, Incense, Virginian Cedar, White Musk, Vanilla


Product SIZE: 100ml

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